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Navigating Sensitive Situations

When the parent-to-parent relationship deteriorates, children sometimes get caught in the crossfire of their parents' emotions. Suppose you are in a similar situation where a child or children have been caught in the emotional crossfire. In that case, our compassionate team members at Consulting and Mediation Services are here to help you gain perspective through Child Custody Mediation.

Effective Communication for Successful Mediation

In the employment arena, effective communication often involves having challenging conversations without escalating conflict. Our employment mediation services team specializes in facilitating these problematic conversations, allowing disputants to explore, restore, and resolve their issues, even if the resolution leads to an agreement of separation. Effective communication is at the heart of successful employment mediation.

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Elder Care Mediation

Caring for those who birthed or raised us can be difficult as they enter their golden and precious years. It is at these times that we look for assistance through elderly care facilities. Whether in a nursing home, adult living, or assisted living facility, we expect the care, love, and help that the facility promised to provide to our loved ones. If you find yourself in a dispute with a facility that you have entrusted the care of your loved one, and you believe that the facility has fallen short of your expectations, contact Consulting and Mediation Services, and let your voice be heard.

Truancy Mediation

Education is acquired through textbooks, and it is vital for our children to be present and engaged in the classroom. If your child has truancy issues, Consulting and Mediation Services can help you with discussions with the teacher and principal by facilitating conversations to get your child back in the classroom.

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Anti-Bullying Mediation

Whether in the classroom, neighborhood, church, or workplace, bullying is totally unacceptable. Targets of bullying need the help of a third-party individual to reverse the actions and outcomes. Stop being a victim and find your voice through mediation.

Our expert mediation team at Consulting and Mediation Services is adept at helping disputants arrive at peaceful resolutions. Regardless of how complex you think your situation is, we can help you navigate through it with our diverse experience in mediation. From child custody matters to employment mediation, we have expertise in handling a spectrum of challenging mediation situations. We are here to guide you toward an amicable solution. Contact us today and take the first step toward ensuring a harmonious resolution to your dispute.