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Helping Disputing Parties Save Time, Money, and Stress by Offering Skilled Mediation Services

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Client-Centered Dispute Resolution Solutions

At Consulting and Mediation Services, ensuring that our clients come to an agreement that satisfies their dispute resolution needs is our number one priority. We offer a client-focused, cost-effective, and stress-free alternative for dispute resolution, emphasizing the importance of client empowerment and control throughout the mediation process.

Our Cost-Effective Approach

Consulting and Mediation Services is your cost-effective, alternative dispute resolution choice. We specialize in bringing parties together to settle disputes, save time, money, and, most of all, the unwanted stress of taking a solvable matter to court. Through our mediation services, clients spend exponentially less on attorney fees and provide a more significant amount of personalized attention in resolving their disputes. Our clients reach their own agreements while maintaining control of their situations.

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Aptly Administering Third-Party Claims

In addition to alternative dispute resolution, our team at Consulting and Mediation Services is knowledgeable in assessing carrier and third-party administrators' claims best practices. We oversee the adjuster activities, providing guidance, direction, support, and recommendations, moving claims to closure while saving your organization money.

Closure of Claims

Marsha Pratt-Phillips, our lead consultant and mediator, is a results-oriented professional with over 20 years of experience in claims management, recognized for taking a leadership role in support of top management. Ms. Pratt-Phillips has a proven and verifiable record of creativity and risk-taking abilities to develop and implement workers’ compensation claims management strategies in the best interest of the company. She possesses excellent communication skills proven in motivating adjusters, injured workers, and medical providers, bringing claims to closure.

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Expertise in Action

Ms. Pratt-Phillips has worked for one of the leading engineering, procurement, and construction organizations in the U.S., one of the top cash-in transit organizations, a leading third-party claims administration company, attorneys, and a nationally known automotive conglomerate.

If you need a Return-to-Work Program, by accessing your organization’s current processes, Ms. Pratt-Phillips will write or make changes to your program, as well as implement and train your employees.

Mediator You Can Trust

Ms. Pratt-Phillips has negotiated neighborhood disputes and served as an employer representative on numerous workers’ compensation cases and employment labor matters in the states and St. Croix, Virgin Islands. They are certified in Child-Protective Services and elderly care disputes.

By choosing Consulting and Mediation Services, you opt for personalized dispute resolution. Take control of your situation today and reach a mutually beneficial agreement with our expert mediators. Contact now to schedule your mediation session and experience the benefits of empowered, client-centered resolution.

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